You have questions; we have answers. 

  • What are your hours of operation?

    Each Liberty location has its own hours. You will find the hours listed in our "Locations" section; simply select the location of your choice and the hours will be listed. 

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  • Do you have a Liberty Bank mobile app?

    Yes, we do! We have apps for both Apple and Android devices. Simply search "libertydfw" in the app store and you'll see the famliar blue and green "L". Download the app and you'll be ready to go! 

  • Do I have to be enrolled in online banking to use mobile banking?

    Yes. Mobile Banking is a feature of our online banking program. So even if you do not plan to use the computer version, you'll need to enroll first, then sign-up for mobile banking. 

  • Who do I contact about a new business loan?

    We would be happy to discuss a loan with you. If you know a Liberty banker, we recommend contacting the banker's office to schedule an appointment. If you do not know any of our bankers yet, we recommend completing the "contact us" form  with a subject of "business loan." Your inquiry will be forwarded immediately to a commercial lender for follow-up. 

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